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Company Name TEXTILE SENDA Co.,Ltd.
Head Office Address 1-4-8,Junka,Fukui-Shi,Fukui-Ken,910,JAPAN
Telepphone: +81-776-27-5000 Fax: +81-776-27-5000
Tokyo Office Address 1-1-1,Kotobuki,Taito-Ku,Tokyo,111,JAPAN
Telephone: +81-3-3844-5222 Fax: +81-3-3844-5262
Established 1912
Incorporated 1962
Contents of enterprise ・We develop and trade various kinds of products as a specialty trading company of supplying materials mainly for bags.
・Textile fabrics, knitting, synthetic leathers, chloridized vinyl leathers for the surface cloth of proper merchandise.
・Synthetic materials for the lining.
・synthetic leather materials.
・Fashionable materials for novelty goods and so on.
Dept Fukui Head Office / Tokyo Office
President Shuzo Senda
Main Bank The Fukui Bank,Ltd. Head Office(Checking NO. 0011106)
Mizuho Bank, Ltd. ASAKUSA Branch (Checking NO. 0102271)

Brief History

1912 The company was established as a specialty trader of texture fabrics.
1950 We resumed our business by decontrolling of texture fabrics.
1952 Gifu branch was completeed in Gifu-Shi,Gifu Prefecture.
1959 Tokyo branch was completed in Misuji, Taito-Ku, Tokyo.
1962 We registered our company as a corporation and changed it’s name “SENDA Co.,LTD.”
1965 Fukui head office building was completed.
1970 We began sales of “ponix” as a synthetic leather for the lining of bags.
1975 Tokyo branch building was completed.
We began sales of “Minkel” as a high-grade, sheep skin touch material for the lining.
1980 We moved Tokyo office to Kotobuki, Taito-Ku, for expanding our business.

Mainly customer

  • Wholesale store and maker of bags.
  • Well-known clothes, sporting goods makers and traders.
  • The sector of advertisement and publicity in Well-known company.
  • Well-konwn communication company.

Mainly suppliers

  • Domestic and abroad manufacturing traders for various textile fabrics
  • Domestic and abroad dyeing processing traders
  • Nichimen Co., Ltd.
  • Chori Co.,Ltd.
  • Itochu commercial Co.,Ltd
  • Somal Co.,Ltd.
  • Toyo Cross Co., Ltd.
  • Toyo spinning Co.,Ltd.
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